PortaCast Cases - CustomWe teamed up with Mobile Studios to offer our clients a range of customizable PortaCast Cases. This let you design your own flypack with the “Best A/V Console” on the market!

We currently offer three basic models of PortaCastCases: PortaCast Deluxe, PortaCast Classic, and PortaCast Classic Jr.

  • The PortaCast Deluxe has two 27″, hi-res monitors and 24 Rack Spaces.
  • The PortaCast Classic has a single 27″ hi-res monitor and 12 Rack Spaces, and the compact/narrower
  • PortaCast Classic Jr. has a single 24″ hi-res monitor and 12 Rack Spaces.

PortaCast flypack consoles can customized, or can be purchased without any components except for the monitor(s) – which are part of the unique, flip-lid assembly.