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We offer a wide variety of cases for the lighting and event industries. These are perfect to store lighting equipment for theaters, concert venues, sports and more.

No one, in any line of work, is completely impervious to the occasional mistake or accident and it seems to happen most often when you’re lacking the proper equipment or safe transport. If you deal with lighting rigs then when something breaks on set or stage, nine times out of ten related directly to lighting.

The custom case needs of the lighting industry demand a high degree of product knowledge and precision. Olympic Case Company has a highly experienced engineering staff that understands how important it is to protect your investment. We also understand the importance of coordinating your cases for “Truck Pack” so you can get all your gear on the road and at the show.

Poor transportation conditions for lighting end up causing untold damage amounts and hassles in clean up that no one wants to deal with at all, let alone at every other show. Anyone who works on events with multiple running dates knows how much of a challenge it can be ensuring everything is in good, working order, especially hundreds of fragile bulbs.

These Olympic Lighting cases take this seemingly constant worry and toss it into the background where it belongs. Guaranteed to safely store your lighting gear in a case custom built for each type of lighting gear you utilize.

Lighting Case Specifications

Each piece of equipment will be held firm and protected from all manners of abuse including falls/drops or other accidents, natural disasters like earthquakes and careless, short order staff. The following is a list of the premade styles available for immediate purchase. Contact us directly for more information.

  • moving head lights
  • dimmers
  • spotlights
  • laser systems
  • led systems
  • motor controllers
  • foggers and hazers
  • fans and wind machines
  • pyrotechnics and special effects
  • flat panel displays
  • projectors
  • trussing and draping

Lighting Case Photo Gallery

Still need a lighting case and you don’t see what you need on this list? No problem! Drop us a line and inquire about our custom lighting cases and find your perfect fit today! Additional information brochures, lots of photographs as well as our contact button can be found below.