Olympic Case Company makes cases, trunks and workboxes for a number of professions and industries. We specialize in the manufacture of custom, reusable ATA shipping cases and containers.

We strive to be the leader in the quality and performance of our custom cases as well as the service of our sales and customer service reps. We do this through innovation in the construction of our cases and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Olympic Case Company was established in 1996, we are a privately held manufacturer of ATA reusable cases with our corporate offices and manufacturing warehouse located in Tampa, Florida.

We are a leader in the industry, offering exceptional design with over 170 years of combined engineering and fabrication experience and employing 50+ team members.

Custom ATA Case Specialists

Olympic Custom Case Company is the leading custom ATA case manufacturer in the industry. Whether you need a standard design or a unique custom case or trunk, we have the cases to protect your gear. And we can get them to you in large quantities.

Olympic takes pride in the continuous quality of our product, unparalleled performance and superior service, whether you want one case or a thousand.

Let us assist you and your clients with services and products such as:

  • Studio furniture
  • Custom foam packs
  • Motor and light cradles
  • Cases and containers
  • Drawers and shelves
  • Exhibit booths and crates
  • Museum displays
  • Veneered panels and housings
  • Veneered cases and racks
  • Line-X coatings available for all case and container related products

The possibilities are endless when you align yourself with a business partner that promotes Quality, Performance and Service throughout their organization. That’s exactly what we do at Olympic Case Company.