Custom Cases & Trunks for the Audio-Visual Industry

Olympic Case Company has been an industry leader in the Audio/Video Case fields for years. Our cases are perfect for anyone that needs to transport, store or ship valuable, professional audio/video gear.

Working directly with our manufacturers Olympic always takes the time to ensure that each custom case we design is properly implemented and rigorously tested prior to release. We take this expertise and offer it directly to our end users. This allows us to create the best possible solutions to accommodate the changing needs and audio/video technologies of our clients.

We also know how incredibly valuable this equipment is and nothing can be a bigger show stopper than opening your case to find your AV gear damaged. That’s why our cases work so well at protecting those important tools of your trade.

Custom Audio-Video Cases Custom Made

We’ve worked directly with all manner of entertainers, sports teams and players, and more to devise some of the best AV cases in the world. With developing technologies and new breakthroughs happening in the AV market all the time.

Olympic Case Company is there with newest custom case designs and shipping technologies to safely and securely transport your equipment to the next event.

Known the world over for designing and creating some of the best loved and most used cases in the entirety of the Audio Video Event Industry, Olympic case is constantly coming up with better, safer cases for all your audio/video needs, including but not limited to the following;

  • lenses
  • cameras
  • LED systems
  • flat panel screens
  • projectors
  • computer equipment
  • video walls and cubes
  • cables and accessories
  • processors and decks
  • lifts, mounts and stands

Photo Gallery of Audio & Video Custom Cases

Olympic offers professional theater and roadie cases for live events ranging from rock concerts to sporting shows and for any group that tours or for the event venues themselves. So whether your next gig puts you on Broadway or right off the byway, Olympic’s Audio-Video Cases are the perfect cases for you.